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Quoted in: Home Alone

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Quotes by Buzz McCallister: Home Alone

Heather: [counting family members] 1, 2...
Buzz: [interrupting] 11, 92, 12...
Heather: Buzz, don't be a moron.

Kevin: Did anyone order me a plain cheese?
Buzz: Yeah, we did. But if you want any, somebody's gonna have to barf it all up, 'cause it's gone.

Kevin, what did you do to my room?

Kevin: Can I sleep in your room? I don't want to sleep on the hide-a-bed with Fuller. If he has something to drink, he'll wet the bed.
Buzz: I wouldn't let you sleep in my room if you were growing on my ass.

Kevin, I'm going to feed you to my tarantula.

Megan: You're not at all worried that something might happen to Kevin?
Buzz: No, for three reasons: A, I'm not that lucky. Two, we use smoke detectors and D, we live on the most boring street in the whole United States of America, where nothing even remotely dangerous will ever happen. Period.

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