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Quoted in: The Chipmunk Adventure

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Quotes by David Seville: The Chipmunk Adventure

Alvin: But, Dave, they owe us out $100,000!
Dave: Not now, Alvin.
Alvin: But they've got $5,000,000 in diamonds! Don't we get anything?
Dave: Alvin!
Alvin: But we just cracked a huge smuggling ring!
Miss Miller: Shut up, Alvin!
Alvin: Okay, okay. We'll give you half.
Dave: ALVIN!

[on the phone]
Dave: Could I talk to the boys?
Miss Miller: Well, I don't see why not.
Dave: Is Alvin available?
Miss Miller: Available for what?
Dave: To talk?
Miss Miller: Well, how should I know?
Dave: Look, Miss Miller, I just called to see if everything was all right.
Miss Miller: Everything's fine, David.
Dave: Well, give the boys my love.
Miss Miller: Why don't you give them your love?
Dave: Well, are they available?
Miss Miller: Available for what?
Dave: Never mind. Nice talking to you, Miss Miller.

[on the phone]
Dave: I'm just calling to see how everything is.
Miss Miller: Oh, everything is fine. It's quiet as a mouse around here.
Dave: Alvin's behaving himself?
Miss Miller: He is? Well, that's good.

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