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Quotes by Dr. Nick Riviera: The Simpsons

Dr. Nick Riviera: With my diet you can eat all you want anytime you want.
Marge: And you’ll lose weight?
Dr. Nick Riviera: Ah, you might. It’s a free country!

You've tried the best, now try the rest! Call 1-600-DOCTORB. The "B" is for "bargain!"

Dr. Nick: Hi, everybody! I'm Dr. Nick Riviera.
PA: Doctor Riviera, Doctor Nick Riviera. Please report to the coroner immediately!
Dr. Nick: The coroner. I'm so sick of that guy!

Well if if isn't my old friend Mr. McGreg. With a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg!

Dr. Nick: Hi, everybody! Now, tell Dr. Nick where is the trouble.
Grampa: I'm itchy! I've got ants in my pants! I'm discombobulated! Give me a calmative!
Dr. Nick: Slow down, sir! You're going to give yourself skin failure!

Inflammable means flammable? What a country!

The knee bone's connected to the something. The something's connected to the red thing. The red thing's connected to my wrist watch... Uh oh.

Snake: Yo, um, I must've, like, fell on a bullet, and it, like, drove itself into my gut.
Dr. Nick: Hey, don't worry. You don't have to make up stories here. Save that for court!

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