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Quoted in: Ernest Saves Christmas

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Quotes by Ernest P. Worrell: Ernest Saves Christmas

Ernest: You know, I don't want to insult you being we've just met and all, but you kind of remind me of somebody.
Santa: Santa Claus?
Ernest: I guess you get that a lot, huh?
Santa: Well it's to be expected.
Ernest: Because you look like him?
Santa: Because I am him.
Ernest: Because you am him.

Santa: Oh this is Ernest, I'm Santa Claus.
Ernest: Surprised?
Harmony: Uh, no, no. Not, not really.

But Mr. Dillis, this wasn't just some hobo, this guy was different! Call it clairvoyance, call it extra-sensitory perspiration... I just had this hunch!

What we have here is a failure to accumulate.

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