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Quoted in: Liar, Liar

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Quotes by Fletcher Reede: Liar, Liar

Fletcher: Your honor, I object!
Judge: Why?
Fletcher: Because it's devastating to my case!
Judge: Overruled.
Fletcher: Good call!

Jerry: [softly hitting Max on the arm for his birthday] One, two three, four, five, and one for good luck!
Fletcher: He struck the child, did you see that?

Max: Look at what Dad got me!
Jerry: Whoa, great! Hey, you know what? I have my glove in the car. Maybe we can stop at the park on the way home and play catch. Then tonight we can rub oil in it and wrap a big rubber band around it. It'll be great! Hey, great gift, Dad!
Fletcher: Thanks, son! I'm so glad my gift could bring those two closer together. My plan to phase myself out is almost complete.

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