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Phil: Here you go, kids. Congratulations.
Debbie: What is this? Oh, no way. No way!
Fred: WrestleMania! No way!
Debbie: How did you know? We're, like, going to be in Pittsburgh anyway!

Fred: Excuse me, Mr. Connors.
Phil: Hey Fred, how was the wedding?
Fred: Well, I just wanted to thank you for making Debbie go through with it and everything.
Phil: All I did was fan the flame of her passion for you, Fred.
Debbie: You are the best.
Phil: No, you're the best.

Phil: [Introducing Rita to the diner's customers] This is Debbie Kleiser and her fiancé Fred.
Debbie: Do I know you?
Phil: They're supposed to be getting married this afternoon but Debbie is having second thoughts.
Fred: What?
Rita: Lovely ring.

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