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Quotes by Judge Gen: The Good Place

You're supposed to do good things because you're good! Not because you're seeking moral dessert.

It's actually not hot sauce. It's envy. It's really good on Mexican food. It gives it a little kick.

You are very lucky that I cannot send you to The Bad Idea Place because that one is a stanker!

Judge Gen: Jason, your test was about impulse control, and you showed great improvements, but you never asked if you could opt not to play. I mean, you basically told me, an all-knowing judge, to just shut up and go away. Do you realize how insane that is?
Jason: Not as insane as picking off the greatest quarterback of all time, Black Bortles, to set up a last second game-winning field goal.

My name is super boring. Gen. It's just short for hydrogen, which was the only thing that was in existence at the time that I was born.

So, it's either this or start "Bloodline," and I don't know, I just don't feel like I can see Kyle Chandler as anyone else but Coach Taylor.

I've been binging Ken Burns's "Vietnam" recently. It's okay. I mean, I'm immortal, but that thing is long.

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