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Quotes by Ned Flanders: The Simpsons

Ned: Now, folks, nothing spells "fun" like rhinestones on a dungaree jacket! [holds up "Disco Stu" jacket]
Man: Stu! You should buy that!
Disco Stu: Hey: Disco Stu doesn't advertise.

If you think I'm cuddly and you want my company, come on wifey let me know!

Ned: Maude and I sell religious foot rugs over the internet.
Homer: Internet, eh?
Ned: Yes indeedy, making some good scratch too.
Homer: Scratch, eh?
Ned: Yep!
Homer: Maude, eh?

Okay, folks, look, I called the police captain in Shelbyville. He says he hasn't seen our kids, but if they show up in the morgue, he'll fax us.

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