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Quotes by Shawn Spencer: Psych

Gus: You don't smell that?
Shawn: I don't smell anything.
Gus: That's because you don't have the Super Smeller!
Shawn: Okay, you have got to stop calling your nose the Super Smeller. If you want to nickname a body part, nickname your butt, man. Call it the Tight-Bouncer or the Hexagon. Ladies are gonna dig that.

Lassiter: Don't you try and trivialize police work.
Shawn: I think you're doing a bang-up job of that all by yourself.

Gus: You named your fake detective agency "Psych"? As in "got you"? Why didn't you just call it "Hey, we're fooling you and the police department; hope we don't make a mistake and somebody dies because of it."
Shawn: First of all, Gus, that name is entirely too long; it would never fit on the window. And secondly, the best way you convince people you're not lying to them is to tell them you are!

It's my third best quality, right behind awesomeness and humility.

Shawn: I'm available for lunch.
Gus: You're available to suck it.

What is genius? Can you bottle it? Is it something you would even want to bottle?

Shawn: What are you doing?
Gus: Trying to shed tears for Lassie. They won’t come and I’m ashamed.

Gus, don’t be the 100th Luftballoon.

Would you please stop quoting Math like it's a person? Next thing you'll tell me Math is black.

We get caught together, we face death together, it happens every week.

Gus: That's baking soda.
Shawn: Bacon soda? That's a genius idea, but I'm not sure the world is ready for a pork-flavored beverage.

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