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Quotes by Snake Jailbird: The Simpsons

Chief Wiggum: All right, I'm going to make a little deal with you mugs. I'm going to let you all out to see my team play the hockey game if you promise to return to your cells!
Snake: Sorry, pig. We can't make that promise.
Wiggum: All right... all right, I'll sweeten the deal. You can see the game, you don't have to come back, but you have to promise not to commit any more crimes, OK?
Snake: No.
Wiggum: I'll take that as a yes.

Hey, that smells like regular! She needs Premium, dude! Premium! Dude!

Snake: Yo, um, I must've, like, fell on a bullet, and it, like, drove itself into my gut.
Dr. Nick: Hey, don't worry. You don't have to make up stories here. Save that for court!

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