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It's so beautiful! Let's live here. We'll rent to start.

Phil: Do you know what today is?
Rita: No, what?
Phil: Today is tomorrow. It happened.

Phil: Why are you here?
Rita: I bought you. I own you.
Phil: But why are you still here?
Rita: You said "stay", so I stayed.
Phil: I said "stay" so you stayed? I can't even make a collie stay.

Phil: Something is different.
Rita: Good or bad?
Phil: Anything different is good. But this could be real good.

[Phil is working on an ice sculpture of Rita]
Rita: Is it finished yet?
Phil: Almost. I still have to put some cherry syrup on the top and then we can eat it.

Phil: I'm just trying to give you your money's worth. You paid top dollar for me.
Rita: Well, I think you were a bargain.
Phil: Sweet of you to say. You're probably right.

Ned: Phil, this is the best day of my life.
Phil: Mine too.
Rita: Mine too.

Ned: Where are we going?
Rita: Oh, let's not spoil it.
Ned: Let's not... Oh! I got that. [Purrs like a cat]

[Auctioning a date with Larry]
Buster: All right! Now what am I bid for this... guy? Do I hear a buck and a half? Anybody? Seventy-five cents?
Lady: I bid two bits!
Buster: Sold to the little lady for 25 cents.
Lady: I got him!

[Auctioning a date with Phil]
All right! Now what am I bid for this fine speci-mine?

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