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Everybody Loves Raymond revolves around Ray Barone, a successful sportswriter living on Long Island with his wife, Debra, 12-year-old daughter, Ally, and 8-year-old twin sons, Geoffrey and Michael. That's the good news. The bad news? Ray's meddling parents, Frank and Marie, live directly across the street and embrace the motto "Su casa es mi casa," infiltrating their son's home to an extent unparalleled in television history. Frank's favorite expression, "Holy Crap," is shouted at regular intervals, and Marie's "cooking advice" is less than appreciated by Debra. Brother Robert, a divorced policeman, is constantly moving in and out of his parents' house, and loves to drop over and resent Ray's successful career and happy family life. Ray and Debra just wish someone would knock once in a while. Finalizing it's 9th and final season, the cast and crew of "ELR" has had a very successful run, and it makes it even harder for them all to say good-bye. This show has a place in televi

Quotes from Everybody Loves Raymond

You know that shampoo that says "no more tears" on the bottle? There's tears.

Ray: Are you OK?
Debra: I'm fine.
Ray: Uh oh, fine is bad. What is it? What's the matter?
Debra: Nothing.
Ray: Nothing... nothing is worse!

Robert: Ya know, I could've been a pretty good hockey player. You know, big, had the toughness, good hand-eye coordination.
Ray: Yeah but, eventually, you would've had to let go of the side.

Marie: Ray, we told you you were a good writer so that you would think you were a good writer. See, then somebody gave you a job. That's what parents do, they all lie to their kids for their own good.
Ray: But other parents aren't lying, Ma. They believe in their children.
Marie: No they don't.

Dr. Nora: So Ray, what's it like having three children under the age of 5?
Ray: Well, I like to tell people it's kinda like a frat house. Yeah. Nobody sleeps, everything's broken and there's a lot of throwing up.

Most of the women I talk to are in handcuffs. And then half of them turn out to be men.

Robert: I bet you can't even name the reindeer.
Frank: Oh, uh, Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen... Those are the main ones.

I've got the complete works of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Except the one where he gets pregnant.

I can't talk! There's too much fruit in the house!

I could've eaten a box of Alpha-Bits and crapped a better interview.

Marie: We haven't had a conversation in 35 years.
Frank: I didn't want to interrupt.

Debra, calm down. You're reacting to missing squash like the time we left Ally at the mall!

Ray: All three kids asleep. You thought I couldn't get Ally to take a nap.
Debra: Good job, honey.
Ray: Yeah. By the way, tomorrow we have to buy a pony.

Ray: Listen dad, when was the last time you said I love you to someone?
Frank: What? Do you live in a freaking fairyland?

Marie: I've got baking soda! I smelled something questionable in the fridge.
Ray: From across the street?
Marie: No, when I was here yesterday. Oh, It's worse!

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