Futurama Season 5 Episode 9: The Sting

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First aired on June 1, 2003

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A mission to collect honey from deadly space bees apparently leads to Fry's sting-induced death. Leela is wracked with remorse, until Fry visits her in her dreams. As Leela's hallucinations intensify, she begins to suspect that she might be going crazy.


You call that a wound? That's a boo-boo, tops.

Leela: [laying on a table] Is this some kind of brain scanner, Professor?
Professor Farnsworth: Of a sort. In France they call it a guillotine.

Professor Farnsworth: These bees are larger than most Buicks, and twice as ugly.
Fry: Larger than an American sedan? How big is the honeycomb?
Hermes: Honeycomb's big, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Bender: It's not small?
Hermes: No, no, no.

I'll find Fry's coffin, get his corpse, and keep it under my mattress to remind me that he's really dead. That'll prove I'm not insane!

All those times I said "Kill all humans", I always whispered "except one." Fry was that one. And I never told him so.

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