Parks and Recreation Season 5 Episode 1: Ms. Knope Goes to Washington

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First aired on Sept. 20, 2012

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Leslie and Andy visit Ben and April at their new jobs in Washington D.C.. Ron throws a thank you barbeque for the entire Parks and Recreation staff.


Leslie: It is nice to see you again.
Ben: Are you talking to my butt?
Leslie: Yes.

Chris: I know that Ron doesn't want us to eat anything before the meat, but I smuggled in some candy.
Tom: Oh, thank God, I'm starving. Raisins?!?
Chris: It's nature's candy! Now, they're basically grapes, so remember to pace yourself. [eats them all] I can't even follow my own advice. So delicious!

Tom: Man, I'm hungry and my legs are tired. Yuck. It feels like I just exercised.
Jerry: Just sit on the ground.
Tom: No, Jerry. It's dirty and I'm wearing my summer linens!

Barbecues should be about one thing: good shared meat.

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