The Simpsons Season 11 Episode 4: Treehouse of Horror X

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First aired on Oct. 31, 1999

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In "I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did" the SImpsons fear they have killed Ned Flanders. "Desperately Xeeking Xena" satirizes superheroes of yore with "Stretch Dude" Bart and "Clobber Girl" Lisa. And "Life's A Glitch, Then You Die" depicts the upcoming horror of Y2K.


[as The Collector] Stop right there! I have here the only working phaser ever built; it was fired only keep William Shatner from making another album!

Frink: Yes, over here, n'hey, n'hey. In episode BF12, you were battling barbarians while riding a winged Appaloosa, yet in the very next scene, my dear, you're clearly atop a winged Arabian. Please do explain it.
Lucy Lawless: Ah, yeah, well, whenever you notice something like that, a wizard did it.
Frink: I see, all right, yes, but in episode AG4...
Lawless: Wizard.

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