The Good Place Season 1 Episode 12: Mindy St. Claire

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First aired on Jan. 19, 2017

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With the help of Chidi and Tahani, Michael faces his biggest challenge yet. Meanwhile, Eleanor, Jianyu and Janet face a monumental decision.


They are not completely innocent. They told me so themselves. They aided and abetted two criminals, one of whom was a DJ.

As concerning Jason Mendoza, I have heard no statements nor seen any evidence to suggest... [looks at paper] oh, he's from Florida? Yeah, he belongs in the Bad Place.

We can do this, but we must remain emotionless. I'm talking Kristen Stewart on a red carpet level of emotionless here, alright?

So, what's up, what's your deal? Are you single? What's going on?

Ooh, I've never had to walk before, this is fun! [Walks a few steps] Now I'm bored. Walking is dumb.

What up, ding dongs?

Jason: Can I ask you a question about where we're going?
Eleanor: Sure.
Jason: Where are we going? I forgot.

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