The Office (US) Season 5 Episode 1: Weight Loss

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First aired on Sept. 25, 2008

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Michael tries to motivate the Scranton branch to lose weight as part of an interoffice competition. Jim is lost after Pam leaves for art school in New York, and Angela continues to see Dwight even though she is now engaged to Andy.


Jim: See, you're always saying there's something wrong with society, maybe there's something wrong with you?
Michael: If it's me, then society made me that way.

Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them. Or he quits them. Because they're unfair.

Ryan: Kelly.
Kelly: Oh, hello Ryan. You look well.
Ryan: I wanted to say I'm sorry... for treating you bad the past couple years. I was in my mid twenties and I was going through a lot of stuff. I think I never fully processed 9/11.

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