The Simpsons Season 4 Episode 8: The New Kid on the Block

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First aired on Nov. 12, 1992

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Bart has a crush on his new neighbor, a teenage girl who only has eyes for Jimbo Jones. Bart sets out to prove that Jimbo is not as tough as he seems.


Lionel Hutz: Mrs. Simpson, in your own words, please tell us what happened after you and your husband were ejected from the restaurant.
Marge: We pretty much went straight home.
Lionel Hutz: Remember, Mrs. Simpson, you're still under oath.
Marge: We drove around until 3:00 in the morning looking for another open all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant.
Lionel Hutz: And when you couldn't find any?
Marge: [crying] We went fishing!
Lionel Hutz: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, does this sounds like a man who had "all he could eat?"

Hey, baby. My shirt's chafing me. Mind if I take it off? ... I don't believe it, now my pants are chafing me.

But the sign said "All you can eat!"

Mr. Simpson, this is the most blatant case of fraudulent advertising since my suit against the film "The NeverEnding Story".

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