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[Auctioning a date with Larry]
Buster: All right! Now what am I bid for this... guy? Do I hear a buck and a half? Anybody? Seventy-five cents?
Lady: I bid two bits!
Buster: Sold to the little lady for 25 cents.
Lady: I got him!

[Three women are in a car that slows to a halt with a flat tire]
Lady #1: You totaled it.
Lady #2: It's only a flat tire!
[Phil starts lifting the car with a jack]
Lady #2: It's an earthquake!
Lady #1: Oh, it's not an earthquake.
Lady #2: What is it?
Lady #3: [Seeing Phil] Thank you, young man!
Phil: It's nothing, ma'am, I had the tire and the jack. Just be comfortable, alright? It'll be a minute.
Lady #1: Who is that?
Lady #3: He must be from the motor club.

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