The Wedding Singer

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Released on Feb. 13, 1998

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Robbie, a local rock star turned wedding singer, is dumped on the day of his wedding. Meanwhile, waitress Julia finally sets a wedding date with her fiancée Glenn. When Julia and Robbie meet and hit it off, they find that things are more complicated than anybody thought.

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You better get out of my way, Billy, or you're gonna get hurt.

See? Billy Idol gets it!

You know, you should write a song about this. You could call it "I got punched in the nose for sticking my face in other people's business".

[interviewing for a job at a bank]
Mr. Simms: Do you have any experience?
Robbie: No, sir, I have no experience but I'm a big fan of money. I like it, I use it, I have a little. I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator. I'd like to put more in that jar. That's where you come in.

Robbie: I don't even know your last name.
Glenn: It's Guglia.
Robbie: Guglia? Oh, so Julia's last name's gonna be Guglia. Julia Guglia! That's funny!
Glenn: Why is that funny?
Robbie: I - don't know.

Robbie: You hit two cones back there. Those could have been people... they could have been guests at her wedding!
Sammy: They were *cones*!

He's losing his mind. And I'm reaping all the benefits.

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