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Pam Beesly: On average, how many hours a day do you spend naked in your office, just ballpark.
Michael Scott: European offices are naked all the time.
Pam Beesly: They're so not.
Michael Scott: Besides my shirttail covered most of it so--
Pam Beesly: I didn't see where it started I saw where it ended.

As a farmer, I know that when an animal is sick, sometimes the right thing to do, is to put it out of its misery. With the electricity we're keeping Meredith alive, we could power a small fan for two days. You tell me what's unethical.

Oh well. If they aren't together now, then they probably never will be. I thought they''d be good together. Like PB & J... Pam Beesly and Jim! What a waste! What. A. Waste.

I've been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower. But you make more money as a leader.

Oh I am taking responsibility. And it is up to me, to get rid of the curse, that hit Meredith, with my care. I am not superstitious, but I'm a little 'stitious.

Do I need to be liked? Absolutely not. I like to be liked. I enjoy being liked. I have to be liked. But it's not like this, compulsive, need, to be liked. Like my need to be praised.

Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I donno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me-- no, don't sue me. That is opposite the point I'm trying to make.

Oh, you know that line on the top of the shrimp? That's feces.

Why don't I wanna go? Didn't expect to need a reason so let me think here. Um. I don't know any of these people, it's an obligation, I don't think talking paper in my free time (or in my work time,) and, did I use the word pointless?

I have decided that I'm going to be more honest. I'm gonna start telling people what I want, directly. So, look out world, 'cuz 'ol Pamy is gettin' what she wants. And, don't call me Pamy.

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