The Good Place Season 1 Episode 4: Jason Mendoza

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First aired on Sept. 29, 2016

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Eleanor has a hard time remaining hidden. Michael asks Tahani to assist a neighbor in finding her true purpose.


[to Jason] You don't seem like a ... super genius.

I was just about to tell an awesome story about a wing-eating contest that I lost, and a barfing contest that I won, but then a hole opened up in the ground.

You broke the world. It's not a compliment!

Tahani, great party. Check it out. Suspenders! So dumb. So much dumber than belts.

Yo, you should listen to me. I came up with hundreds of plans in my life and only one of them got me killed.

Don't mind me. I'm just dropping off my afternoon gloves and picking up my early evening gloves.

Chidi: Do you hear music?
Eleanor: That's not music. That's EDM.

I miss being myself. Myself was the best.

This is my bud-hole! It's just like a hole where me and my buds can hang out.

Everyone thinks I'm Taiwanese. I'm Filipino. That's racist. Heaven is so racist.

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